As Public Budgets Shrink, Contractor CEO Pay Set to Rise

Compensation for contractor executives is set to continue soaring.

We Need a Chemical Safety Bill Worthy of Sen. Lautenberg’s Legacy

A new bill weakens state-level protections.

Global Panel: Transparency is Key for Sustainable Growth

Open government is vital to successful development, according to a new UN report.

Is Anhydrous Ammonia a Risk to Your Community?

Communities in every state are living near large quantities of a dangerous toxin, and residents may not even know it.

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Jun 6, 2013

Boehner Charges Obama With Threatening Government Shutdown

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) accused President Obama of threatening a government shutdown on June 6. The charge came after the administration issued veto threats against two spending bills that are consistent with a ...

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Jun 5, 2013

White House Threatens to Veto GOP Spending Bills

The White House has issued veto threats against two pending House spending bills, one funding the Department of Homeland Security (H.R. 2217) and another funding military construction and veterans affairs (H.R. 2216).

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Jun 5, 2013

Protecting Military Whistleblowers and Victims of Sexual Assault

Members of Congress are rightly outraged at the epidemic of sexual assault in the military. No one should have to suffer the trauma of sexual assault – least of all those Americans who have volunteered to ...

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Jun 5, 2013

Are Defense Department Civilians Behind the DOD’s Spending Problem? Not So Much

On June 3, 25 defense analysts from several think tanks announced that there are three areas of defense reform consensus: Closing down unnecessary military bases and ...

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Sequestering Meals on Wheels Could Cost the Nation $489 Million per Year

Sequestering Meals on Wheels funds could cost taxpayers far more than it saves. While across-the-board spending cuts that began March 1, called sequestration, are expected to ...

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Charitable Deduction Should Be Preserved

Congress is currently considering tax changes that could substantially reduce charitable giving in the United States. One threat is a proposal from President Obama to cap the deductibility of itemized deductions by high-income taxpayers at 28 ...

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President's Budget Carries Outsized Economic and Political Risks

On April 10, President Obama released his proposed budget for the 2014 budget year. Unlike in the past, this year's budget came very late, after both the House and Senate had passed their ...

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Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion Raises Important Questions about Risks Industrial Facilities Pose

On April 17, there was a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant in central Texas, which killed at least 14 people and ...

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